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WhatsApp 2.2319.9.0 for Desktop

Download WhatsApp  for Windows, Mac OS, iPhone and Android

WhatsApp for PC is an application that keeps you in touch with friends and family wherever you are. It supports both personal and professional computers and helps you get instant access to your contacts and discussions. You can send and receive instant messages, as well as audio, video, and photos. Remember that WhatsApp for Windows reflects conversations, so everything you send from your computer is also visible on your mobile device.

You can edit your photo and status message directly from your desktop application. You can also start new chats, create groups, and even delete, archive, or disable conversations. You can do very well on your computer what you are currently doing on WhatsApp on your mobile device.

You must have a WhatsApp account to use the PC application. In addition, at least during the installation phase, both your mobile device and your computer must be connected to the computer (you must scan a QR code from your phone or tablet). The user interface is rather minimalist, but it is very well organized and has all the features you would expect. You do not need any technical prowess to use the program and you must quickly familiarize yourself with its various controls and options.

You can send photos directly from your webcam to your friends and family. In addition, you can quickly share a wide variety of documents by selecting them on your computer. This makes WhatsApp for PC a decent choice at work when you need to keep in touch with colleagues or customers.

In conclusion, this application does what it is supposed to do without any problem. Although WhatsApp software is small and lightweight compared to Skype and even Yahoo Messenger, it allows you to keep in touch with groups, contacts, and live chats on your phone. The functions are intuitive and everything works, “that’s what WhatsApp designed, so it’s expected to work perfectly.

Title: WhatsApp 2.2319.9.0
File name: WhatsAppSetup.exe
File size: 155.15 MB /64 bit, 119.54 MB /32 bit
Supported OS: All Windows Versions
Languages: Multiple languages
License: Freeware
Date added: May 8, 2023
Author: WhatsApp Inc.
Category: Windows Apps, Messaging and Chat, Instant Messaging

Download WhatsApp  for Windows, Mac OS, iPhone and Android

Download WhatsApp  for Windows
64 bit:
32 bit:
WhatsApp for Mac OS
WhatsApp for Android
WhatsApp for iPhone

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