How To Make Moroccan Mint Tea

Although it is a hot drink, Moroccans drink it all day long. Purchases and contracts traditionally conclude with a glass of tea. It is also impossible to leave a house or a restaurant without benefiting from it. A nice ritual!

But did you know that the green tea (or gunpowder) used by Moroccans comes from China? Morocco is also the world’s largest importer of green tea from China.

Belgians can also enjoy this sweet and refreshing drink. With us, fresh mint tea is becoming more and more of a safe bet in many menus.

Moroccan mint tea: recipe

Moroccan mint tea is prepared very easily. What do you need ?
– 1 liter of boiling water
– 1 bunch of fresh mint
– Semolina sugar at your convenience
– 1/2 tablespoon gunpowder (green tea)

Moroccan mint tea, an ancient tradition

Pour green tea into a teapot and add boiling water. Infuse it, then empty the tea, so that the bitter taste of the gunpowder disappears. Make tea again in this teapot, with mint and sugar, and pour in hot water. Let infuse for about five minutes. You can now serve, preferably in beautiful Moroccan glasses.

Serve Moroccan tea: some tips

When pouring the tea, it is better to hold the teapot at half a meter in height of the glass, so that a small layer of foam appears on the surface of the tea.

Choose some fresh kinky mint. Peppermint does not quite have the same taste as in Morocco.

Embellish your Moroccan tea ceremony with a sweet Moroccan biscuit. The perfect accompaniment for a delicious meal!

“Moroccan Chef and Artist Khadija shows viewers how to make Moroccan Mint Tea in this entertaining and informational DIY. Presented by WanderXChange

watch this video:

Moroccan mint tea, an ancient tradition

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