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Star Wars: The Old Republic 6.1.4

The Force is strong with Star Wars: The Old Republic for Windows. This massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) allows players to be transported into the Sci-Fi world of George Lucas, one way or another.

Become a direct member of the saga as a character. At the beginning of your trip, you must decide to be part of the Republic or the Empire. If you opt for this last option, you can be a bounty hunter or a Sith. If you choose to attack the dark side, you can be a Jedi or a smuggler.

Download Star Wars: The Old Republic Game For Windows
Download Star Wars: The Old Republic Game For Windows

The main features include:
– Different character options.
– Various game scenarios
– Global gaming community.
– Easter eggs.
– Great ease of use.
– Huge cards.

Star Wars: The Old Republic was “created by Star Wars fans, for Star Wars fans,” making it a very good audience. There are also dozens of Easter eggs linked to the Star Wars cannon scattered throughout the huge landscape of the game.

It’s more than just a multiplayer fighting game. You can explore parts of the Star Wars universe freely, as in all great adventure games. There are also opportunities to take control of the spaceships and embrace your inner Han Solo.

Players also like to interact with all the other players around the world. Get to know other people who love Star Wars by simply talking to them or exchanging and fighting with other characters. Of course, if this is not your case, you can still stick to the field battles.

Overall, Star Wars: The Old Republic is – and will probably always be – a nice and very popular MMORPG. Although Star Wars fans are obviously the main players in the game, everyone can participate and enjoy the fantastic game features.

Title:  Star Wars: The Old Republic 6.1.4
File name:  SWTOR_setup.exe
File size: 31.9 MB
Supported OS: All Versions Windows
Languages: Multiple languagesLicense:  Freeware
Date added: November 3, 2019
Author: EA Games
Category: Windows Apps, Desktop, Games.

Download Star Wars: The Old Republic 6.1.4 Game For Windows


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