Tor Browser 10.5 Alpha 3

Tor Browser is a free app and an open network that helps protect your anonymity online.

If you access an Internet resource without using Tor, you will give your IP address. This may reveal something about your location and can be used to spot you when you return to this resource. In addition, anyone who monitors your Internet connection will be able to register the sites you visit.

With Tor Browser installed, however, it’s a very different story. Internet traffic that leaves your PC will go to the Tor network first. That way, people who spy on your connection will not see the sites you access. This traffic will then randomly bounce around various Tor Relays, meaning your request can not be tracked. And when it reaches the destination, your data request will contain an IP address that will take you back to the Tor network: not you.

Download Tor Browser for Windows

Although it sounds good, there are many complications. You must configure Internet applications individually before you can use Tor, for example. And the program disables plugins such as Flash or Adobe’s PDF reader to make sure they can not give your IP address, so many websites will not work anymore. (Although you can restore these plugins selectively if you do not mind disclosing identifiable information.)

If you want to be more anonymous online, Tor can help you, but to get the best protection possible, you need to get a clear idea of ​​how the program works. See the warning section on the Tor website for more information.

Tor Browser retains a lot of privacy power, but beware: staying anonymous requires many compromises on navigation, and many efforts are needed to make the program work best.

Title: Tor Browser 10.5 Alpha 3
File name: torbrowser-install-win64-10.5a3_en-US.exe
File size: 70.78 MB/64 bit, 69.12 MB/32 bit
Supported OS: All Windows Versions
Languages: Multiple languages
License: Freeware
Date added: November 19, 2020
Author: torproject
Category: Windows Apps, Web Browsers and Plugins, Browsers.

Download Tor Browser 10.5 Alpha 3 for Windows



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