Vivaldi 5.5.2805.26 Snapshot

Download Vivaldi Browser Snapshot for Windows, macOS, Linux and Android

To enhance your browsing experience, you must use this app which will provide you with a set of new tools and features for this activity. Vivaldi allows you to open several tabs at once. However, moving from one to another and choosing the right tab becomes easier with the Tabs feature. This can work with mouse click and keyboard shortcuts.

The customizable settings are accessible in one click in this browser. In addition, Forward, Back, Home and Refresh are the main buttons in this search engine. The provision of information on the Web site, control of “authorizations” and details of the connection are part of the added features that this search engine is designed to provide.

bookmarks management, contacts and the role of keyboard shortcuts in the operation of Vivaldi are among the additional features and benefits you can expect from this search engine.

Vivaldi is a web browser with more features than existing systems, the use of keyboard shortcuts and Stacks tabs being the most important.

Key features include:

– Quick Commands
– Tab Stacks
– Notes
– Adaptive Interface
– Spatial Navigation

Title: Vivaldi 5.5.2805.26 Snapshot
File name: Vivaldi.5.5.2805.26.exe
File size: 64.48 MB / 32 bit, 68.08 MB / 64 bit
Supported OS: All Windows Versions
Languages: Multiple languages
License: Freeware
Date added: October 5, 2022
Author: Vivaldi Technologies
Category: Windows Apps, Web Browsers and Plugins, Browsers.

Download Vivaldi Browser Snapshot for Windows, macOS, Linux and Android

Download Vivaldi Browser 5.5.2805.26 Snapshot for Windows
64 bit:
32 bit:

Vivaldi Snapshot for macOS: 10.13 & Plus
Vivaldi Snapshot for Linux: DEB 64-bit | RPM 64-bit

Vivaldi Snapshot for Linux: DEB ARM32-bit | DEB ARM64-bit
Vivaldi Snapshot for Linux: non-DEB/RPM
Vivaldi Snapshot for for Android
Download Vivaldi Stable Latest Version

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