How to prepare a simple and delicious Moroccan chicken tagine

Simple tasty Moroccan Chicken Tagine recipe

Ingredients for preparing Moroccan chicken tagine:

1. a teaspoon of ginger
2. half a teaspoon of pepper
3. a teaspoon of turmeric
4. a teaspoon of salt
5. two tablespoons of parsley
6. about a quarter of a cup of water

he simple way to prepare a delicious Moroccan chicken tagine:

First, we mix everything and then you use a sauce to season your chicken, so obviously the more you marinate the better. if you don’t have time then it’s fine.

After finishing the mixture, put four tablespoons of olive oil, two cloves of garlic, onion (chopped).

Let it ripen for a few minutes until the onions are brown, then you will put the chicken. Then let it cook three to four minutes over medium heat

After, you will now add a chopped tomato and let it cook for four minutes. Then, cook it a little, add a half cup of water and after the vegetable, and you can add more vegetables if you want.

Add about 150 grams of flava and 400 grams of chopped potatoes, not very thin and not very thick, about a handful of peas and one sliced tomato. Then you want to sprinkle some salt for the veggies and add some black pepper, and this is optional but you can garnish with red pepper and some parsley.

Finally, cook it over low heat for about an hour

That’s all about how easy it is to prepare a Moroccan tagine with chicken, which is usually eaten with bread but if you don’t like to eat a lot of bread, you can use some rice

How to prepare, watch this video

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